Trigger for Organisations


Every group of humans is a community with its own micro-culture with their own goals and ways of being and doing.

But every community shares one thing in common: the need for connection amongst its members. That is where Trigger comes in.

We’ve helped 1000 humans have 3600+ meaningful conversations across 40 events and workshops - we know the formula for great conversations. Conversations that help people connect quickly and deeply, inspire new thoughts, ideas and expand perspectives. 

We work closely with teams, businesses and communities to create tailor-made events and training so that they can become connected, and achieve their goals. 

Let's start these conversations.


Why is this important? 

‘How we talk at work shapes the work we do’
— Theodore Zeldin

Strong teams, close-knit communities and resilient organisations rely on trust, understanding and transparent communication.

And we don't get this from being addicted to our devices or just from engaging in small talk. 

We are 'wired for connection' (Daniel Goleman) and research shows that engaging in meaningful conversations have countless positive effects:


1. Physical & Mental Health and Wellbeing

''It's the quality of your relationships that matters." - Dr Robert Waldinger (watch his TED talk on happiness studies)

The Grant study, one of the longest-running (75 years) longitudinal studies of human development showed that more than anything it is quality of our relationship that determine how happy and healthy we are. 

Further research has looked into the link between the types of conversation we have and our happiness. Mehl and his team found that there strong correlation between having meaningful conversations (rather than small talk) and happiness. 


2.  Productivity, Team Building and Collaboration

A study at Harvard Business Review reports that, “people at high-trust companies report: 74% less stress, 106% more energy at work, 50% higher productivity…[and] 76% more engagement.” 

High-performing teams and effective collaboration relies on trust and connectivity, and this comes by fostering honest and open communication. A place where people feel safe to share their thoughts, ideas, feelings and want to work together to find the best solution.


3.  Personal Development & Growth

Conversational 'is the bedrock of development, of knowing and listening and really learning about each other' - Sherry Turkle (watch her TED talk on reclaiming conversation in the digital age)

Great conversations allow you change the way you see the world. To uncover your identity, engage with new perspectives and discover new ideas. 

Who We Can Help


Businesses With Communities

How well does your online community know each other?

Businesses with strong missions will attract a community of likeminded humans. Think of the potential for collaborations, knowledge-sharing and relationships. And brand awareness. 

We joined forces with Escape the City (on a mission to liberate one million people to do work they love) in 2017 for an evening of rich meaningful conversations - about values, their escape stories and aspirations, what makes them curious, and more. 

Get your online community off-line. We promise there will be magic. 

‘Such a great night. The format is designed to helpfully and easily bring strangers together - and guarantees no awkwardness, just interesting and insightful connections and conversations. If you see this and think “hmm... I’m probably the sort of person who enjoy this but I’m not quite sure”, then just go, I promise you’ll be so happy you did!’
— Henry @ Escape The City

Small Teams

What kinds of conversation do your team have at the coffee machine? 'How was your weekend?' 'The weather is a bit grim' well do your team actually know each other? 

High performing teams rely on trust and connectivity, and this comes by fostering honest and open communication. A place where people feel safe to share their thoughts, ideas, feelings and want to work together to find the best solution.

When mistakes are made or crises happen (because they always do), how will your team respond?  Tension? Distrust? Or will they lean-in and support each other through each challenge?

If we want to build connected teams, it isn't enough to just hope it will happen. You need to create the environment for conversation that matter, to happen. 

We create truly connected experiences to bring your team even closer together. Let's trigger this. 


Universities, Schools and Colleges

New school, new university, or college? It is an exciting and daunting time - a new home and lots of new faces, all wanting to get to know each other.

Want to expedite the community-building process, so that students feel connected straight away?

Break the ice. Get a Trigger experience at your fresher's week or programme induction.  

Large Organisations with Multiple Teams

One of the key challenges to running a large organisation is a lack of communication across teams.

Internal communication is the glue that holds an organisations together.  How connected do your employees feel to other teams? What is your strategy for this? How do you prevent silos and ensure that teams work together? 

Everything starts with a conversation.

Before any collaboration can happen, people need to first know their colleagues - to connect and build trust. It also makes a better working environment - happier employees, more productivity and lower turnover rates. 

Bring in Trigger to help you start these connected conversations.


Museums and Galleries

Museum and galleries provide enriching and transformation experiences for individuals to learn together. And there is strong research to show how such programmes “inspire civic engagement, leading to personal, social and community benefit, and to the growth of our creative economy”. (Get It: the Power of Cultural Learning, 2009)

We offer unique and memorable experiences for learning and discovery, that allow members to truly connect with each other.  

Curious about running a pop-up event in your museum or gallery?



Festivals are food for the soul - a  playground for community, connection and celebration.

We hit Standon Calling Festival in 2017, bringing the Trigger experience to festival-goers. Nourishing conversations for the soul. That's what they called it.

Want to create magical connections at your festival?


What We Can Offer


Conversation experiences

We know the formula for engineering truly meaningful and stimulating conversations.

Our methodology can be adapted to suit your agenda. 

For example: 

  • Team building events

  • Lunch and Learn

  • Conference / Event Add-on

  • Client Events

  • Community Events

We offer both standard and tailor made event packages and would be delighted to put a proposal together for you.

‘’A very stimulating and enjoyable evening of conversations that simply flew by. And not your normal, banal conversations but all sorts of conversations - interesting, intriguing, fun, silly, challenging and more. I was surprised at how easily and quickly I got into quite deep stuff with complete strangers in a completely safe and comfortable way. The format seems quirky but it really works and keeps the pace up. Despite talking pretty solidly all evening I wasn’t at all tired and never bored, unlike my experience of many ‘networking’ events. And I met some great people, almost by accident! Well worth an evening of you time.’’


Conversation Training

We provide tailor-made training workshops and packages to help your team or community have more and better quality conversations.

Both in and outside the workplace.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Networking skills

  • Conversation starter tools and tricks

  • Rapport-building techniques

  • How to be memorable and charismatic

  • Deep listening skills

  • Tools to go deep, quickly

  • How to jump into tangents - creative, playful and innovative conversations.

We offer tailor-made training packages and would be delighted to put a proposal together for you.

‘An energising experience that opens doors in your life and your perception...’

‘What I’ve learnt in a short period of time is invaluable and hopefully just the start. I wish I had this twenty years ago!’