Frequently Asked Questions


What is the purpose of Trigger Conversations events?

To get people to have awesome conversations. Most of the time we have conversations for instrumental reasons – to achieve some end goal. For example, to persuade or inform. But real conversations aren’t about the end goal, they’re about the feelings you get in the moment when you’re connecting with someone in a meaningful way. Trigger Conversations don’t have an agenda; they are a trigger to get people talking without having to follow initial societal conventions about what can be said.

So, you’re not a networking or speed-dating event?

No we’re not. If you know you’re attending an event to find your future other half then you will consciously or sub-consciously direct your conversation to find out about what you think is important. There is too much pressure as well. It completely changes the dynamics. Having said that, Trigger Conversations allow people to connect with each other so you may end up finding a partner as well as new friends!

What does a typical conversation menu look like? Does it actually include food?

Canapes – fun ice-breakers – 5 minutes each

Starter – slightly deeper questions – 10 minutes

Main – Meat (deep) / Veg (nourishing) / Fish (controversial)– groups of 3s - 15 minutes

Break – Buy a drink and loo break – 15 minutes

Dessert – Sweet and delightful conversation – 10 minutes

Cheese - Cheesy, playful tasks – 5 minutes

Coffee – Reflective and warming conversations - 5 minutes

Post menu – Time to finish the conversations you started and mingle with everyone else!

All events include light canapes and refreshments, not connected to the above.

Can you give an example of the types of questions?

‘Are you a lucky person?'

What is the most surprising thing that has happened this week?

‘What is the most beautiful part about being human?’

That’s it for now - we won’t ruin the surprise!

How many conversations will I have during an event? Will it be with new people?

You get (mostly) randomly allocated a new person during each course. Bring your friends but don’t expect to talk to them! You’ll have conversations with 9+ new friends.

What age do I have to be to attend these events?

Any age! Attendees at our previous events had an age range of 20-65 so you won’t be too old or young. We encourage a diversity of ages and backgrounds as it often leads to richer conversations.