Trigger Connections - for humans who happen to be single

Standard Speed Dating Sucks. Don’t you agree?

‘What do you do?’

‘Where are you from?’

‘So, have you been speed dating before?... 

*cringe* … boring small talk, again.

At Trigger Conversations, we have the formula for real, meaningful and stimulating conversations. In less than 5 minutes. Bingo.

And, we get it - you also want an opportunity to meet awesome, interesting and open-minded people, who just happen to be single. So...

Speed Dating minus Awkward Small Talk equals Trigger Connections

Goodbye small talk. 

Hello thought-provoking, interesting and fun conversations.

We focus on enabling higher quality connections rather than overwhelming quantity. At this event you will meet 10-15 people with whom you are guaranteed to avoid just having small talk with!

But don’t be fooled, we’re still operating an agenda-less conversation policy. Conversations are about connecting with someone in that moment. Not searching for ‘the one’ (trust us, that pressure is a conversation killer). 

“Fantastic evening, excellent hosts, and wine included! What’s not to like?”
‘Brilliant questions, thought provoking, great venue. Would highly recommend it!”

This event is for you if


  • You are 25-35 and interested in the opposite sex.

  • You happen to be single.

  • You think you're more than your job.

  • You value spontaneous, quirky or creative conversations that expand your perspective and challenge you.

  • You’re bored of small talk.

  • You want to make meaningful connections with others but without the awkward networking part.

  • You want to learn how easy it is to talk to strangers in a meaningful way.

  • You just read the invite and you're super curious!


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