Trigger Conversations - The Original Conversation Event

So, what do you do?
Meaningful conversations.
Real connections.
An invitation to an extraordinary evening. 


Say Goodbye to boring small talk. 

Hello stimulating, adventurous and meaningful conversations.

TRIGGER Conversations brings you an evening of deep, meaningful and exciting conversations with your peers. Expect a conversation menu – canapés, starters, main, dessert and cheese – the depth and length of the questions depends on the course. We give you the questions. You provide the answers. No prep necessary. Just turn up with an open mind.

Ask something unusual. And be honest in your answers. Tell someone what you really think and feel.

‘You spend a lot of time in conversations wanting to get to this point, and this is all about getting to the fun bit of the conversation… and it is facilitated so you get know something worthwhile about people right away and you want to share because people are here to share and people are here to listen.. it’s a lot of fun…a lot of real, human experience packed into one evening.’


  • You think you're more than your job.

  • You value spontaneous, quirky or creative conversations that expand your perspective and challenge you.

  • You’re bored of small talk.

  • You want to make meaningful connections with others but without the awkward networking part.

  • You want to learn how easy it is to talk to strangers in a meaningful way.

  • You just read the invite and you're super curious!


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