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A rich life is a connected one. It’s about the people we meet, the conversations we have and the experiences we share together. Social nourishment is a need, not a nice to have.

Connecting is the prerequisite for forming friendships, romantic relationships, discover or create business opportunities. 

And every relationship starts with a single conversation. 

You’ll learn about, experiment and practice with the conversational tools in a friendly and relaxed environment so that you can get out there and practice as soon as you leave the workshop.


How to Have a Conversation

Have you ever wanted to start a conversation with someone but haven't had the confidence or know-how to start it?

This half-day workshop will give you the tools, confidence and superpowers to get you talking to and forming connections with strangers in every part of your life.


Live 'In-Field' Conversation Training

This full-day training is your opportunity to put the tools and confidence you developed in 'How to Have a Conversation' workshop into practice.

Be guided by our trainers to take on interactive challenges that steadily expand your comfort zone and improve skills.

Expect to have fun, get quick results and to feel massively proud of yourself throughout the day.


The Conversations You Crave - Workshop

Are you frustrated with repetitious small talk, bursting to express more of yourself, or want to feel energised from your conversations?

This half-day workshop will help you develop the mindset and tools you need to create conversations that are deep, playful, and creative.

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