So what do you do?
No.  Meaningful conversations. Real connections. An invitation to an extraordinary evening.

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What is TRIGGER Conversations?

We get it. You're bored of meeting new people and being asked the same, limited and boring question - 'What do you do?'.

- Think you're more than your job?
- Want to talk about something new?
- Looking to make meaningful connections with other people?
- Interested in conversations that expand your perspective and challenge you?
- Keen to meet like-minded people?

Join us for Trigger Conversations - an evening of alternative questions with strangers set out as a conversation menu – canapés, starters, main, dessert, cheese and coffee – the depth and length of the questions depends on the course (Note: no actual food included). We give you the questions. You provide the answers. No prep necessary. Just turn up with an open mind.

We're here to create meaningful connections with strangers. Bring friends but don't expect to see them all evening!


We provide a selection of interesting, alternative and thought-provoking questions. We design the cards too.


We provide intimate and centrally located venues for your conversations.


Future Events

TRIGGER@ Standon Calling (Festival), Hertfordshire (see the schedule here) - 28th-30th July

TRIGGER Conversations Take #10 - Thurs 10th Aug 2017 

TRIGGER Conversations Take #11 - Wed 6th Sep 2017

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Previous Events

TRIGGER Dinner - Thurs 27th Jul 2017

TRIGGER Tribe Brunch (for members) - Sat 22nd July 2017

TRIGGER Conversations Take #9 - Wed 12th July 2017

TRIGGER Conversations Take #8 - Wed 7th June 2017

TRIGGER Conversations presents: The Vanilla Life (*Special event*) - Wed 24th May 2017

TRIGGER Conversations Take #7 - Wed 10th May 2017

Escape presents: TRIGGER Conversations Take #6 (in Collaboration with Escape the City) - Thurs 6th April 2017

TRIGGER Dinner (in Collaboration with Escape The Onion) - Thurs 23rd March 2017     *SOLD OUT*

TRIGGER Conversations Take #5 - Wed 15th March 2017

TRIGGER Dinner (in Collaboration with Escape The Onion) - Thurs 2nd March 2017     *SOLD OUT*

TRIGGER Conversations Take #4 - Thurs 9th Feb 2017

TRIGGER Conversations Take #3 - Wed 11th Jan 2016

TRIGGER Conversations Take #2 - Thurs 17th Nov 2016

TRIGGER Conversations Launch - Wed 19th Oct 2016


‘A rare and gratifying opportunity to explore life, the universe, and everything with friends I hadn't met yet. If you have an appetite for ideas I urge you to attend this event - you won't be disappointed!'
- Abie
'It was so enjoyable to spend an evening meeting new people, exchanging ideas, and experiencing a different level of conversation to the normal "socially acceptable" topics of small talk such as work and holidays. Definitely recommended, and already counting down to the next event.'
- Emily
‘It was great to just spend an evening having stimulating conversations and developing perspective. There was no agenda to the conversations (i.e. networking, speed dating) and that was really cool: to value a good conversation for simply that. Thank you!'
- Ben
'You get know something worthwhile about people right away and you want to share because people are here to share and people are here to listen... it's a lot of fun…a lot of real, human experience packed into one evening.'
- Pete
‘Really good fun and different from any other event that I've been to.’
- Anonymous

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Workplace chat all about work?

Bored of traditional team-building events?

We run tailored workshops.


Are you also on a mission to connect people in meaningful ways?

Let's join forces and run an event together.


Just a bit curious about the idea?

Want to find out more about TRIGGER Conversations?

Sounds like a great excuse for a coffee.


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