High performing organisations are human

The problem is not that we can’t talk to each other - but that we don’t

At Trigger Conversations we believe it’s time to remove our “professional” masks and embrace what makes us most profitable: being human.

We work with forward-thinking organisations to enhance their performance by tapping into their people power through conversation events and training. The result? A stronger, more connected work culture that is happy, innovative and ready to engineer serendipity daily.

Curious what Trigger magic we can work in your organisation? Then read on!

What can conversation do for your organisation?

Conversation is more than an exchange of information and tasks, it’s a super skill.

That’s because whenever you engage another in conversation you create an opportunity to build trust, expand thinking, collaborate, inspire, develop new approaches and ultimately improve your performance.

In a nutshell, creating a conversational culture will create a more connected and collaborative organisation with higher levels of trust, engagement, creativity, innovation, retention, customer service and performance.



“Trigger Conversations customised an event to enable our community to have meaningful conversations. Through Georgie and Olivia's deft facilitation we got to know the humans behind the organisations; we found that we shared the same challenges and frustrations; we bonded over the successes and, yes, the failures we experienced alone and together; we made connections with people we might not have spoken with; and we walked away with more insight, compassion and closer relationships than ever would have been possible had we done the usual standard networking over wine event.

So thank you Georgie, Olivia and the rest of the Trigger team. You are kickstarting a revolution in meaningful connections!”

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