Georgie Nightingall


Who am I?

Well I'm me, just Georgie. Somebody who craves deep creative chat, loves asking questions and can't understand why all we ever do is talk about the jobs we hate (not all, but many do!).

Ultimately, I’m playing with everyday norms and looking for an awesome DMC (that’s Deep Meaningful Conversation).

Join me in this quest.


It all started with boredom and curiosity...

You know the feeling when you get home from work, head to go a party to meet some new people and learn something new.

By the end of the night you realised you’ve delivered the same elevator pitch about your life multiple times, not really connected with anyone and don’t feel that fulfilled.

Life is too short to have boring conversations.

We have forgotten about the intrinsic value of a true conversation - you enjoy being in the moment, making a connection with someone and exploring where it is going to go. It is not about the end-goal. 

Curiosity compelled me to ask the question - how can we engineer these true conversations?

I ran some social experiments to change the people. The problem was still there.

So I realised I needed to change the environment.

 At the Wilderness Festival I made a commitment to a stranger I had just met - Edwin - to organise an event that facilitates interesting conversations. The planning started that day...

Hello TRIGGER Conversations.

And in case you were wondering, Edwin came to the launch. And Take #2.

Enjoying a dip in the lake at the Wilderness Festival
My original notes for the conversation menu. Yep, my hand-writing is terrible.

Next came operations and comms...

The fun part. Event planning.

Venue. Questions Cards. Labels. Coloured pens. And a bell.

All pretty do-able.

Then came marketing. With no time to make a website, I put it on Facebook. And shared.

A selection of conversations cards, straight out of the printers

And then success!

22 people, of which over half were strangers, rocked up to Live Die Late on 19th October 2016 for the first event.

The feedback was pretty phenomenal:

- 100% would recommend it to a friend

- 100% would come to another event

People said it was 'fun', 'reflective', 'enjoyable', 'interesting', 'random' and 'alternative'.

They asked when the next one was. Bring on TRIGGER Conversations Take #2!

TRIGGER Conversations Launch Success

We hit repeat.

The word spread.

Our numbers doubled at the second event - one month later - with over 40 people turning up on the night.

The feedback was incredible again, with 100% saying they would come again and recommend to a friend.

The most common suggestion for improvement? 'You need a bigger venue'... !

Take #2 Feedback

Where next?

Well, TRIGGER Conversations Take #3 is on the horizon.

Anything else?

Yep! We're planning a number of 'Special Events' for 2017, in addition to the monthly events (more will be revealed soon).


We're collaborating with other groups, communities and companies to bring you a variety of jointly hosted workshops.

So, basically, watch this space.