Engineered serendipity

Event for Stronger Networks

We need to harness the strength of weak ties.

The truth is, the people we don’t know are more important to our careers, networks and professional growth than those closest to us. Why? Because new people provide access to new information, people and ideas.

Yet often, we don’t tap into this resource.

Instead we rely on old methods of networking to facilitate the connection for us. We assume that simply putting individuals into a room, presenting them with a keynote speaker and feeding canapés and wine will organically elicit the conversations that need to be had.

Unfortunately however, they won’t. Human animal will fall into old habits and seek comfortable company soon enough.

But what can we do? Engineer serendipity.


· A conference or network

· A co-office working space

· The base station for satellite individuals

· A global or multi-department organisation


Engineer serendipity! And by that we mean…

· Build a strong community across social, cultural and linguistic barriers

· Discover new ideas and insights

· Unearth new solutions to old challenges

· Spark collaboration and develop supportive partnerships

· Step out of echo chambers and open eyes to a more accurate world view

Conversation doesn’t just reshuffle the cards, it makes new cards.” Theodore Zeldin


92% of participants said that after the event they would…

•Be more willing to reach out to contact other firms

•Actively exchange their learning more often

•Consider more effective communication skills and strategies

•Join forces on more joint projects

•Be open minded to other problems and solutions

•Develop wider networks to find new collaborations and partners

•Act on ideas, connections and examples learnt from other countries to improve own service