Transformational Conversations

Learn how to make conversation your superpower in 4 weeks

Next programme is this July

“The Transformational Conversations programme has helped me break out of a rut - before I was having a lot of rather boring conversations where I struggled to feel connected to the other person.

It’s also made me realise the importance of having fun conversations in everyday life. I never thought I’d be the kind of person who strikes up a random conversation with a barista or someone sitting opposite me on a train.

This programme has given me the confidence to do that and that has brought a lot of fun into my life.”
— Graduate Student

What’s it about


How much is having the confidence to speak authentically worth to you?

What would it feel like to always have something to say, even in uncomfortable situations?

How would your life be different if you could create meaningful conversations every day?

If you’ve spent too much time, energy and frustration second guessing yourself and not grabbing life by the horns, then maybe it’s time to invest in you.

Because you deserve to live life to the full.


What is the Transformational Conversations Programme?

This 4-week programme will change your relationship with yourself and others by teaching you the lost art of conversation, connection and curiosity.

Taught by six of London’s brilliant Life and Conversation Coaches, you will lovingly be pushed to the edge in order to catalyse the change you want.

From our Conversation Coaches will get practical tools to authentically have conversations you crave. Whilst our Life Coaches will invite you to look inside to understand the barriers preventing you from connecting more meaningfully with others.

With this combination of coaching you will gain the confidence to take greater risks in your conversations and create the transformation you want.


A Conversational Toolkit and Mindset

The truth is you can’t move forward by standing still. Even if you’ve read all the self-help books or listened to inspirational teachers, nothing will change without action. Our programme combines practicals tools with deep mindset work to help spur the deepest conversational and psychological transformation in you.


Expert Led Programme

Our content is designed and delivered by life and conversation coaches using multidisciplinary tools and frameworks from improvisation, to executive leadership, transformational coaching, psychology, philosophy, non-violent communication and more.


Accountability and Support

We know it's hard to change how you communicate and relate to others, but the truth is there is no magic pill - you are the pill. Our promise to you is to keep you accountable to your commitment to transformation. You’ll also be supported by your cohort, a community of fellow life-shifters.

What will you get?


  • Have a Conversation Anywhere, with Anyone

  • Connect Deeply

  • Network and Engineer Serendipity

  • Ask Great Questions

  • Listen and Be Present

  • Charisma and Quick Rapport

  • Find New Tribes

  • Handle Rejection

  • Speak in Flow

  • Never be Unforgettable

Personal Growth

  • Confidence

  • Expand Comfort Zone

  • Enhance Self-Awareness

  • Understand Limiting Beliefs

  • Self-Love

  • Authenticity

  • Enhanced Curiosity

  • Growth Mindset

  • Find Adventure in Everyday

  • Be a Better Friend

  • Greater Acceptance and Less Judgment

  • Playfulness


  • 1-to-1 Life Coaching

  • Like-minded Community

  • Accountability

  • Weekly Check-ins

  • Group Coaching

  • Intensive Three-Day Workshop

  • Homework Challenges

  • Free Access to Monthly Events

  • Workbook with Reflective Questions

  • ‘Conversation Lab’ Practice

Dates & Cost

July Programme 2019

12th July - 6th August

4-Week Transformational Conversations Programme

The programme includes a 3-day intensive workshop, 4 evening coaching calls via Zoom, an ‘on street’ conversation training, a 1-to-1 life coaching session and free access to our events:

  • 12th - 14th July (Friday, Saturday & Sunday) - Intensive Learning Weekend

  • 16th July (Tuesday) - Group Coaching Call

  • 21st July (Sunday) - ‘On Street’ Conversation Training (*Optional Extra Module)

  • 23rd July (Tuesday) - Group Coaching Call

  • 30th July (Tuesday) - Group Coaching Call

  • 6th August (Tuesday) - Group Coaching Call

  • w/c 22nd or 29th July - 1-to-1 Coaching Call

£1200 - 1400 GBP

Early Bird Price Ends: Friday June 21st

Our programme fee is payable upfront or in instalments spread over 3 months. No payments will be requested until your application has been accepted.

*On Street Conversation Training is an optional 3 hour workshop where you put the tools you’ve learnt on the programme to the test and get on-spot feedback from your coaches. It’s a great way to build new evidence and take action when the easier option is not to! Cost: £200

Held in Hammersmith, London


Experience the Programme


Curious what change you can make? Come along to a Taster Workshop to experience learning with us and start to make conversation your superskill. We have four workshops available in May and June.

This workshop will help you:

  • Navigate small talk into more meaningful conversations

  • Understand what limiting beliefs are holding you back and how to overcome them

  • Meet like-minded people who will support you through your transformation

  • Learn more about the programme and how we can help you create change

Limited places available.


Our Impact in Numbers


Transformational Conversations Programmes


Would Recommend
to a Friend


Achieved the Transformation
They Desired

Read more about the impact we’ve had on students like Karam.


What Our Graduates Say


Who’s it for?

Transformational Conversations are for you if…

You can't stand
small talk

You are tired of jumping through hoops in order to “fit in” to empty social situations and the thought of yet another transactional conversation leaves you tired and frustrated.

Networking makes
you shiver

You are tired of jumping through hoops in order to “fit in” to empty social situations and the thought of yet another transactional conversation leaves you tired and frustrated.

You want to expand your career horizons

You’re ready for a career change, but the world is big and full of potential. If only you knew where to start? Start with conversations. They are where you can go to road test ideas, connect dots and discover what’s next.

Your conversations
are frustrating

You feel stuck in the same old scripts every day, constantly yearning for conversation that surprises and excites you. Don’t wait for it, engineer it!

You're a self-development addict

You’ve read the books, attended the courses and yet you haven’t found your edge quite yet. We’ll take you there.

You want deeper

You feel stuck or limited in your intimate communication and you want to effortlessly discover deeper levels of yourself and your significant other.

You are a social
butterfly seeking
broader skies

And why wouldn’t you want all the tools at your disposal to make the most of every opportunity for connection? Transformational Conversations take you beyond your words to create an even deeper sense of connection.

Conversation is your
next paintbrush

You’ve one inspiration left untapped: the human voice. Conversation is a unique tool that can open up your creative process.

Meet the Trigger Trainers

Meet the brilliant Trigger Trainers who will be leading the Transformational Conversations Programme this March.


Georgie Nightingall

The Founder of Trigger Conversations – Georgie has empowered 1400+ people to have over 5000 meaningful conversations at Trigger events. A TEDx speaker, Transformational Life Coach and Philosophy Specialist in Schools, she is addicted to conversations and determined to find the ultimate DMC (deep meaningful conversation).


Matteo Trevisan

Founder of Fearless Future Coaching, Matteo is a Coach, Leadership Trainer, Coaching Trainer and Public Speaker. Passionate about deep and meaningful impact, his clients have been an eclectic mix and have included students, CEOs, entrepreneurs (and more), from 12 to 56 years old, in 3 different languages, on topics from improving friendships to growing into a better leader to redefining identity in an existential crisis and much in between.


Millie Baker

A TEDx speaker, Millie is the founder of the Speaking Adventure and a coach. Over the past 18 years, Millie has worked with thousands of people from a range of backgrounds on topics like non-violent communication, writing, networking, public speaking and presentation skills. Millie continues to help in the belief that now more than ever the world needs effective, honest, and vulnerable communication about the things that matter.


Natasha Stanley

With 20 years’ experience in personal development, performing arts,  group facilitation and coaching, leading transformative experiences is Natasha’s sweet-spot. To the outside world, she has dedicated most of her life to supporting people in achieving extraordinary things. Behind the scenes, she has also dedicated much of her life to seeking the kind of raw, magical, meaningful connection we crave.


Joe Patch

Starting out shy, Joe worked a solitary job in Flood Defence. Recognising how his lack of social skills was holding him back he set out to transform himself by devoting his time to studying how we interact with each other. Quitting his job and moving to the City, he quickly made a name for himself working for the biggest social training companies in London including Your Charisma Coach, Hayley Quinn Dating Ltd and The Happy World Company.


Nerea Carryon

Nerea is the founder of The Happy World Company and Smiles For The World. She is known for her huge and contagious positive energy and  has dedicated her life to teaching people to eliminate their fears and self-imposed limitations. She is also an executive coach for these who are looking to improve their personality, self-esteem and happiness levels. International speaker, entrepreneur, model, comedian and  YouTuber.



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