Our Story


The Trigger story is about asking questions.

It started with this one:

‘’What do you do?’
— Question #1

In 2016, Georgie was bored and frustrated with being asked 'what do you do' every time she met someone new. 

It felt like she was constantly repeating her elevator pitch to people who didn’t seem that interested. She felt labelled by her job, socially undernourished and disconnected in a world that is becoming ‘more globally connected’.

Sound familiar


She craved a good DMC (that’s a Deep Meaningful Conversation).  Where you can enjoy being in a co-created moment, being seen and present with no idea where it is you are going.

It is organic, playful and full of insights and discovery about yourself, others and the world.

And extremely liberating. 

Good conversations are the playground we often get to just by accident.

And she didn’t want to just stumble upon it by accident. She wanted to know how to walk towards a good conversation on purpose and with confidence.

So she asked another question: 

‘’Where can I go to have this conversation craving fulfilled?’’
— Question #2

Google - sadly - did not provide the answer.  

The events she found didn't seem to provide the kick she craved.  

So she decided to create her own solution.

Which led to the next question: 

‘’How can we engineer meaningful and stimulating conversations so that they happen more often?’’

This led to some mini-experiments, committing to a stranger (now friend) called Edwin at The Wilderness Festival in 2016 that she would organise an event for meaningful conversation, and creating a metaphorical conversation menu event structure that very day…

The first version of the conversation menu, written at the back of a notebook at the festival.

The first version of the conversation menu, written at the back of a notebook at the festival.

The lake at the Wilderness Festival

The lake at the Wilderness Festival

Trigger conversations was born. 

A question about taking action - from idea to execution.

‘’How quickly can we get launch this event?’’
— Question #4

✅ Venue located

✅ Logo created

✅ Facebook page up

✅ Event copy and page written

✅ Business cards (with the event link) printed

✅ Event pitched and shared at events, with friends and online communities

✅ Question cards crafted, designed and printed

With the help of friends and the start-up community .... we launched in October 2016.



We launched our first event in October 2016 to a room of 22 curious, keen and open-minded humans.

The feedback was phenomenally positive (and still continues to be), with people describing the experience as  ‘fun’, ‘liberating’ and ‘reflective’. 


The next question came from the newly created Trigger community:

‘’When is the next event?’’
— Question #5

We hit repeat.

And 45 people rocked up. The word was spreading.

Then 65.

Then we realised that Trigger was a thing… so we kept on going.

To date we have facilitated 5000+ meaningful conversations between 1400 strangers at more than 80 events. 

We’ve run a collaborative events with Escape the City and Leeds Voice Days, appeared at Standon Calling festival, run Trigger Dinners, launched a singles version (Trigger Connections), run workshops and training on having more and better conversations.

And grown to a team of 9 event hosts, caterers and behind-the-scenes thinkers and doers.  Who are all addicted to conversations.

Our final question, for now...

‘’Now we know the power of Trigger, what comes next?’’
— Question #6

Well, the journey has only really just started....

Trigger is on a mission to improve the world’s conversations.

We want to bring back the lost art of conversation and connection in a digital world.  Our vision is for a world where people are inspired and empowered to come together to have meaningful, stimulating and liberating conversations that build social fabric and are good for the soul.  

We want to bring Trigger to more people in more cities to empower people to have more meaningful conversations in their everyday lives.

Because life is too big just for small talk.

And this doesn’t just mean bringing strangers together for meaningful conversation.

The way we talk at work shapes the work we do.  

Conversations are essential for great relationships so we’re working with organisations that want to foster more authentic and meaningful connections across their teams and communities. 

Join us.