100% Human Conversations

Workshop for Team Building

Your People Are Your Greatest Asset.

Yet apparently 86% of employees in Western Europe report to be disengaged at work (Gallup), adding up to a turnover cost of 48-61% of an employee’s annual salary per year!

But there’s a magical ingredient that will help them and your organisation thrive… (Hint: it’s not more office perks)

An engaged human culture.

This is a culture that’s built on trust, connection, support, happiness, shared values, purpose and psychological safety. This culture invites you to bring your whole-self to work, celebrates and learn from mistakes, and crucially, motivates with empathetic leadership not stress inducing pressure.

It’s a culture we all crave to work in. And with our 100% Human Conversation workshop you can have it too.


The Workshop

A human culture needs conversation, which is why our workshop is structured around a Conversation Menu.

Consisting of stimulating questions, the 7 course Menu is co-designed with you to model the kind of culture you would like to create. Questions can range from discovering aspirations and passions, to workplace challenges.

Ultimately the Menu will unite your people under one shared experience, fostering empathy, support and respect.

After the Workshop

If you would like to build conversation daily into your culture, our team of conversation coaches and researches can work with you to tailor a programme to your needs.


· Break past silos and make connections across the company

· Reduce emailing and stop digital, transactional relationships

· Lay the foundations for psychological safety, empowering collaboration and positive risk taking, alongside increased employee retention and customer service

· Give everyone a voice, crucially empowering them to take ownership

· Strengthen trust by inviting honest communication

· Unite the company around a shared common vision and values

· Build relationships between senior management and your people

· Increase collective resilience during challenging times

· And finally, fuel curiosity, collaboration and creativity!


“The structure of the event was great as it facilitated

introductions to new colleagues. It was almost like speed-dating for


It was a great use

of time!”