Creative conversations

Workshop to Increase Innovation

The truth is we’ve got our organisational priorities wrong.

Today we uphold productivity as the highest virtue and mark success by short-term results. We prefer to email a colleague rather than walk six feet to talk to them. Lunch is eaten staring silently at our computers and daily we each attempt to perform a digital multi-tasking juggle.

It’s this cocktail that’s squeezing quality, creativity and impact out of our work and making ‘the innovative ones’ go elsewhere.

The good news? You have the power to change it.

With technology’s rapid ability to automate tasks that waste people’s time, our workforces are gaining time to play, collaborate and innovate. We’ve just got to remind ourselves how…

And there’s only one tool you’re going to need - creative conversation.

‘Creativity’ is not an innate quality possessed by a sole figure anguishing away in a studio, but a collaborative, collective process. We are each a creative stimulus, filled with unique ideas and experiences. The creative magic begins when these individuals come together. Through conversation we bounce our ideas off one another, reframing challenges and shaping as we speak how the other sees the world. The result? Innovation.


· Remind your people how to play

· Create the structure and limitations creativity needs

· Give old, tired challenges a fresh perspective

· Break old patterns of thought and widen your people’s eyes to new possibilities and curiosities

· Create more sustainable, valuable products because they are designed with the human experience at their core

· Take down silos and increase cross-company engagement, collaboration and well-being by skipping the small talk and having high-quality interactions

· Lay foundations for psychological safety to grow (the seed-bed of innovation)

· Increase trust between employees and senior management, enabling your people to confidently bloom and deliver powerful solutions


The Workshop

Creativity needs a stimulus, and yours will be a Conversation Menu filled with questions that we will co-create with you. It is these questions that will springboard your people to new ideas.

Creativity also needs structure, which is why our Menu consists of 7 conversational courses. Each course lasts around 10mins, the most optimal, stimulating time creativity needs to respond to a challenge.

After the Workshop

If you would like to build creative and serendipitous conversation into your culture, our team of conversation coaches and researchers can work with you to tailor a programme to your needs.


96% of participants agreed or strongly with the statement:

“At this year’s Joint Meeting, I developed a new project idea, made a new contact or learned a new concept that will be helpful in my future work.”