The Humans Behind Trigger Conversations:


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Why I feel passionate about Trigger:
I first attended a Trigger Conversations back in 2017 and immediately fell in love with it. I loved how I was having these incredibly deep and personal conversations with complete strangers - by completely bypassing the standard pre-rehearsed small talk I felt as though I really got to know the people I was speaking to. It's opened my eyes to a completely new way of talking to people; finding out about people's true passions whilst learning A LOT about myself at the same time. Long may Trigger continue!

How I like to spend time:
Running, playing football, watching pretty much all sports, good food & drinks, listening to live music, trying new things, learning about myself and learning about other people through conversation.

London Host


Favourite topics of conversation:
Personal development & finding one's passion in life.

I can run really far.

Current addictions:
MC at SoFar Sounds gigs - I love how these intimate gigs move people in such an amazing way and I love how I can be a part of that! Currently looking for my next big challenge (work, fitness or personal - bring it on!)

I'm curious about:
What defines a person's purpose in life? While it's always important to find out what a person does - I believe it's even more important to find out WHY a person does what they do.