The Humans Behind Trigger Conversations:



Why I feel passionate about Trigger:
I’ve never been a fan of small talk. As an introvert, I find it exhausting engaging in this kind of conversation. But it's more than that. People assuming that what I do or where I live is who I am frustrates me; we're more than our labels.

Trigger is the playground where I feel I can express my whole self, explore and learn, and get that conversation kick that I crave and need. I am insatiably curious so having a DMC (deep meaningful conversation) helps me understand myself, others and the world. It is a co-created reality with no end goal - you never know where you’re going so I often end up in places we’ve never explored before. I feel incredibly connected to the people around me at Trigger - which is liberating, nourishing and leaves me on a high every time!

Founder + Managing Director



Favourite topics of conversation:
Psychology  philosophy, technology and AI, the future, identity and more!

Deep listening, asking questions, walking up escalators really quickly and a disarming smile.

Current addictions:
Learning, talking to strangers, Brazilian Zouk (partner) dancing, DMCs.

I'm curious about:
The unknown - both yours and mine.


How I like to spend time:
Not surprisingly, my time is spent around my current addictions…

Learning - being a beginner at something and getting really stuck into it. At the moment this looks like dancing (Zouk), reading a wide range of topics (aiming for 52 books this year), and also learning as much as I can about conversations, from different disciplines.

Conversations - goes without saying really but I like to talk to strangers, having deep conversation both with friends, strangers and also when I am coaching people.

Exercise and being in nature - I love the endorphin kick and especially when running.  Sadly I haven’t been able to run much for years because of injury but I have made progress with my physiotherapy so I’m super excited with the possibility of running properly later this year.

Daydreaming whilst drinking coffee. It is incredible how much connects when you let your mind wonder to new places.

New experiences - Doing things that are new forces me into new territories I have not been in before. I love experiencing small shifts in my identity through these experiences.

Planning - I spend a lot of time connecting ideas and once I have a fully formed vision I struggle not to think about how I can make it happen.

Travel and adventure -  (classic, right) - it combines all of the above!