The Humans Behind Trigger Conversations:



Why I feel passionate about Trigger:
I used to be the student at school who was terrified to put my hand up in class or say hi to a friend in the hallway. Fast forward to today and I’ve never enjoyed the present moment as much as when I’m having a conversation with a stranger or with a friend on our differing beliefs, experiences and emotions. When I can walk away from a conversation feeling as if I was honest with both myself and the other person, it feels like my day has been completed.

London Event Host


Favourite topics of conversation:
Anxiety, self development, social freedom, creating your own communities, public speaking, stage anxiety and humour.

Turning frowns upside down.

Current addictions:
Writing lists, improv comedy, taking my straw bottle with me everywhere I go and using multi-coloured pens.

I'm curious about:
Other people’s past experiences, learnings and growth.

Current Projects:
Researching the Trigger customer (that’s you!), forming improv groups to perform around London and co-hosting events on eye to eye connection and body language.

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