The Humans Behind Trigger Conversations:


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Business Advisor


Favourite topics of conversation: 
I’ll talk about anything. Try me!

Seeing another perspective. (Georgie would say spreadsheets!)

Current addictions:
Premiership football. Clash Royale.

I'm curious about:
Life. People.

Projects I'm currently working on:
I’m working in a few projects with start ups and small companies, all focussed on helping them build and execute business plans to grow.

Why I feel passionate about Trigger:
Conversations are the catalyst for making things better. From sharing an idea, to improving a relationship, and ultimately world peace – they all start with a conversation. But we just don’t focus enough in day to day life on having effective conversations – ones that enlighten, remove barriers, bring  new perspectives, allow us to show (and discover) our true selves. But Trigger is 100% about these things.