The Humans Behind Trigger Conversations:



Why I feel passionate about Trigger:
To me Trigger is about expression; feeling free to express who you are through conversation and interaction with others. Through the rapid rise in technology usage and repetitive patterns of behaviour we have, to a certain extent, caged our true selves when interacting 1-1 or in groups. I came on board to lend my training expertise in this field and support a cause that I feel strongly about.

Trainer and Speaker


Favourite topics of conversation:
Social status, playfulness and adventure.

Transforming timid individuals into social dynamite! Inspiring from a stage, getting you over your rejection fears.

Current addictions:
Yoga, boxing, playing the drums.

I'm curious about:
The practicality of replacing my staircase with a slide.

Projects I'm currently working on:
Doing the splits, making my flatmate jump.