The Humans Behind Trigger Conversations:



Why I feel passionate about Trigger:
Not as cute as Piglet but he always has a spring in his tail! 

I feel Trigger has created a very consciously safe and inviting space. Here, all opinions and any questions are both encouraged and explored free from ridicule or negativity. Leading the way to leave people better than when they met. I'm passionate about Trigger because I believe, with these types of conversations and actions, great changes, no matter how big or small will occur. 

How I like to spend time/Current projects:
Binging YouTube videos about photography and doing photography, walking around an unknown area, sipping quality coffee. Did I mention photography?

Portrait & Event Photographer


Favourite topics of conversation: 
Cinematography, Wes Anderson films and playing the ever amusing ’what if’ game!

Taking pictures that allow people to return to a moment in time. Also, making double demin look good on film.

Current addictions: 
My new 35mm lens; and homemade granola topped with fresh berries, almond butter and golden milk.

Current Projects:
Endlessly enabling good people to fall in love with themselves and how they look.

I'm curious about: 
Play time. Why don’t we do this more?