The Humans Behind Trigger Conversations:



Event Caterer


Favourite topics of conversation:
The philosophical ones!

Thinking, talking, planning, making food!  Healthiness and nutrition...

Current addictions:
Catering at trigger / new supper clubs / food labs / teaching food.

I'm curious about:

Why I feel passionate about Trigger:
Trigger is about community in a world which is crying out for community.  It encourages the forging of new bonds, the melding of minds, and encourages us to open up, throw ideas around, and reminds us that there is a lot more that we have in common than not.  A stranger is indeed a friend that we haven't had the opportunity to converse with yet...  Finally of course, Georgie is fantastic and she has thought through her events in meticulous details: they have evolved continuously, and they get better all the time! 

How I like to spend time:
Socialising, eating, cooking, going out into nature, travelling...