The Humans Behind Trigger Conversations:



Why I feel passionate about Trigger:
Quite by chance, I attended the second ever trigger event years ago. What good luck I had!

It was a breath of fresh air, of connection, a respite from the stale superficiality and repetition of every day casual interactions. It allowed me to express all colours of my personality in a mind-expanding space.

Now I get to shape that space as a part of the team, the community, and help others create a better quality connection to the world and people around them.

Current Projects:
I co-designed and trained several modules of the Trigger Workshop. Just starting a Leadership Coaching Podcast (Coaching with Matteo), where you’ll be able to hear the real life, vulnerable stories, and in the moment growth of current and aspiring leaders. Improving the education system through a non-directive coaching approach. Train several organisations, big and small, from junior to senior levels, on the skills needed for leadership and management. 

Trainer and Speaker



Favourite topics of conversation:
The Mind, the Universe, what else is there?

Using questions to change reality

Current addictions:
Chocolate. So. Much. Dark, Chocolate.. mmmm.

I'm curious about:
What makes people as they are? What would it take to reach our full potential? How do we create a better future? How do we become unstoppable? What do we need to understand each other? How could we help humanity as a whole become for conscious?

How I like to spend my time:
I play, I do not work (unless I have to do administrative stuff…) and so all my work is a joy; coaching executives or students or entrepreneurs, training for-profits or charities. There is a difference between being serious and being sombre, and I believe the best way we learn is through playful seriousness.

When I’m not doing the above, I’m dancing Zouk, reading, exercising, connecting through conversation, playing piano, travelling, and eating. A lot.

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