The Humans Behind Trigger Conversations:


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I'm curious about:
The role of teaching stories and verbal history in modern society. Having spent most of my adulthood away from my family and home country, I feel like I have missed having this knowledge passed on. I have learnt a different set of stories/history in the places I've been, but am really curious about what I have missed and what impact this has. 

Why I feel passionate about Trigger:
I passionately dislike small talk and love meeting new people. Trigger provides a wonderful opportunity for enriching, challenging and fun conversation with a wide variety of new people. Even of days when I'm not feeling 100% I always leave these events on a high.

How I like to spend time:
Exploring creativity and nature. Either exploring a new creative outlet or exploring a new green space, I find both relaxing and enriching. 

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Favourite topics of conversation:
Any question that forces me to questions/analyse my attitudes or beliefs. For example "If you could change one thing for the opposite gender forever what would it be and why?"

The ability to create a meal out of any combination of ingredients thrown my way. 

Current addictions:
The Calm app. To have a meditation guide I can carry in my pocket, that accommodates whatever environment I find myself in is wonderful.