Transformational Conversations

I can’t attend an Appetiser event but I’m interested in attending the programme.
Great! Email us at, or click here to complete an online form, and one of the team will call you to see if the programme is the right fit for you.

How many people will be on the programme?
We’ve decided to limit the programme to 20 places so you’ll receive lots of individual attention, feedback and support.

Do I need to attend every workshop?
In short, we recommend you attend every module. Because it is in three parts, each part will build on the next. This is an immersive programme - spread out over three months with both offline and online components and weekly homework - to ensure you actually use the skills and tools you’ll learn in every part of your life. There is no magic pill to transforming your conversations. You are the pill - you have to commit to taking action. And we can help keep you accountable so that you can achieve this.

We’re looking for people who are committed to making a lasting change in how they have conversations, in every part of their life. It sounds like a cliche but the more you put in, the more you’ll get out!

(However, if you’re unwell or attending a wedding we’ll let you off and do our best to get you up to speed with what you have missed.)

How Does the Money Back Guarantee Work?
If you have attended 80% of the course, completed 80% of the homework assignments and still feel that you have not developed your conversational abilities then we’ll be happy to offer you back your full course fee.

I can’t make the July dates, when can I sign up for the next programme?
We’ll be running our next programme early on in 2020. Email us for more information.

What’s the age range for the programme?
At Trigger events and workshops, we’ve had people of all ages walk through the door - we don’t discriminate. We’re happy to have you whatever age you are (18+) as long as you’re suitable for it (see ‘Who is this programme suitable for?’ below).

Who is this programme suitable for?
At Trigger we invite you to leave your labels at the door, so we don’t care what your background or job is, or if you live in North or South London!

Maybe you want to be a super-networker, maybe you want to escape from small talk or maybe you’re addicted to connection? (Check out the section ‘Why are Transformational Conversations Important?’ for more reasons why you should attend.)

Each person will come for their own reasons. But you shouldn’t come unless you’re committed to make to making a change in your life. This isn’t just a workshop to give you tools that never put into practice. This is a immersive programme to help you have better conversations in every aspect of your life. By applying the tools - taking small actions - in your life you’ll discover a whole world of new opportunities that never existed before. And that is unbelievably exciting.

It might not easy - it might be challenging and scary - but, if you’re committed then we will do whatever we can to help you achieve your goals.

So, we’re looking for…

  • People who want to get to know themselves well - their paradigms, their limiting beliefs and behaviour patterns and are willing to tackle them head on.

  • Doers. Reading the books, listening to inspiring speakers and thinking about your future potential won’t get you there. You have to take action, even if it feel scary.

  • People who want to find the edge of their comfort zone, and step over it.

  • People who are passionate about people. After all, conversation is about connecting with others.

  • People who recognise the value of conversations - that it drives all our relationships, which unlock a whole host of hidden opportunities.

  • Humans. Seriously. We don’t want to see a facade. We want the quirks, the crazy side and you, just as you are. We want you to just be real.

  • People who are committed to attending the whole programme, completing the homework and putting everything you learn into action in your all aspect of your life.

  • People who see learning and growth as an adventure and journey. Enjoyable, surprising and sometimes full of both up and down moments.

  • People who are taking responsibility for their lives. What happens to you may not be your fault, but it is your responsibility to do something about it.

  • People who are patient and are committed to taking small continuous steps.

What if I don't live in London?
This is absolutely fine as long as you are able to attend the 3 day workshop at the beginning of the programme in London. All the calls are online so you can be anywhere in the world for this!