Trigger Training - The Conversations You Crave

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Do you find yourself having the same conversation over and over with different people?

If your conversations were a landscape, what would they look like? How wide would they be? How deep? How many interesting objects would be in them? 

Good conversations are the playground we often get to just by accident. Rather than stumbling your way into one, and often away from one, wouldn’t you rather walk toward a good conversation on purpose and with confidence? 

This half day workshop will help you develop the mindset and tools you need to create conversations that are deep, playful, and creative. If you are frustrated with small talk, are bursting to express more of yourself, and you want to feel energised from talking to other fellow humans,  then this course is for you.

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‘The training has taught me things about myself and ways to improve my behaviour. I wish I had an opportunity to join an event like this more often in my life.’
‘Different’ ‘Fun’ ‘Relaxing’ ‘Interactive’ ‘Insightful’ ‘Pleasant’ ‘Engaging’ ‘Friendly’ ‘Reflective’ ‘Motivating’ ‘Clear’ ‘Supportive’ ‘Practical’ ‘Nourishing’ ‘Easy-to-digest’ ‘Enlightening’ ‘Essential’

This event is for you if


  • You’re curious about other people’s stories and experiences

  • You’re addicted to conversations and connecting with others 

  • You’re interested in deep conversation, and realise that small talk is only a tool to get you there

  • You love community and want to get to know the other #TriggerTribers

  • You’re a doer - you want to actually get out there and apply knowledge to your everyday life

  • You want to grow a social circle in all areas of your life

  • You want to learn about to manage the feelings and thoughts that affect the way we relate to others

  • You’re keen to talk to strangers but don’t want to come across weird, boring or unmemorable

Why You Should Attend


A rich life is a connected one. It’s about the people we meet, the conversations we have and the experiences we share together. Social nourishment is a need, not a nice to have.

Connecting is the prerequisite for forming friendships, romantic relationships, discover or create business opportunities. 


And every relationship starts with a single conversation. 


You’ll learn about, experiment and practice with the conversational tools in a friendly and relaxed environment so that you can get out there and practice as soon as you leave the workshop.


The workshop is split into 30 minute sections, with a break after 1.5hours to give you a chance to grab a cup of tea, biscuit / piece of fruit (depends if you resolutions are still going…) and a chat.

See the FAQs below for exact timings. 


What you can expect to learn


Mindset - Understand what your current limiting and empowering beliefs are so that you can develop the mindset you need to have great conversations all the time. 

Listening - How to be authentically present and hold the space for others to feel truly heard and seen.

Going Deep - How to pick your questions so that conversations can become deep and meaningful quickly.

Going non-linear - How to be creative and playful so that you can jump into new tangents of conversation whenever you want to.


We want to go deep into each topic, so we’ve limited this workshop to only 15 people. 

Who are the leaders?


Georgie Nightingall 

Georgie is addicted to deep conversations, authentic connection and learning: ideally all at once.  Bored and frustrated with small talk ( ‘what do you do?’) as a Project Manager, she founded Trigger Conversations in 2016. To date, Trigger has run 40 events, brought together 1000 humans to have 3600+ meaningful conversations. 

Every relationship starts with a conversation. And Georgie is fascinated with how we can engineer real conversations that allow you to express your whole self, feel truly nourished, connected and provoke new discovery about yourself, others and the world.

An intellectual enthusiast with a passion for understanding human behaviour, she has degrees in Philosophy, Applied Psychology and Linguistics, is training for a diploma in Transformational Life Coaching and has undertaken extensive learning in the emotional intelligence field. She loves to ask questions, be a beginner and read across a number of disciplines. 

Her insatiable curiosity led her to daily experiments talking to strangers in London.  She discovered interesting patterns in her interactions and is excited to share the tools, mindset and confidence to do this with anyone, everywhere at TEDx in May.

Whilst steering the Trigger ship, she is also a life coach, philosophy facilitator in schools, a trainer and more!

Current addictions:  Learning Brazilian Zouk dancing, learning (generally), conversation (obviously!), reading and adventures that involve moving your body. Georgie loves always being on the edge, experimenting with her beliefs, preferences and creative abilities.

Her superpowers include: Talking to strangers everywhere, deep listening, asking questions, walking up escalators really quickly and a disarming smile. :-D



Founder of Fearless Future Coaching, he is a Coach, Leadership Trainer, Coaching Trainer and Public Speaker. He has had a world-trotting lifestyle that took him around the world (USA, Italy, Libya, Holland, Egypt, England, France), never living in one place more than 4-5 years. After evolving through a number of careers including Physics research at a particle accelerator and teaching in high performance schools, Matteo discovered the language and techniques of life coaching and its power to facilitate transformation in peoples’ view of the world and themselves.

Passionate about deep and meaningful impact, his clients have been an eclectic mix and have included students, CEOs, entrepreneurs (and more), from 12 to 56 years old, in 3 different languages, on topics from improving friendships to growing into ta better leader to redefining identity in an existential crisis and much inbetween.

His qualification for Official Nerd includes a Masters in Physics, a Post Graduate in Education, an Accredited Diploma in Transformational Coaching, and a never ending list of books that range from science to psychology.

He is currently addicted to Zouk (Brazilian partner dance), learning, and conversations.

His superpower: Untangling the complex into the manageable, facilitating transformation, and connecting at the deepest levels with playful conversations.

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