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Trigger Conversations: A Modern Campfire

  • Kindred Bradmore House Queen Caroline Street London, England, W6 United Kingdom (map)

Hey Londoner, we’re prescribing you one dose of connection - are you ready for your heart-y medicine?

In a growingly disconnected world the antidote we all need is community.

But in a busy city it can be hard to find the right alchemy to nurture it.

Which is why on the night of Wednesday 22nd May, we are bringing back the modern campfire to ignite a community of meaning-seekers in London.

How? By bringing you together through ritual. And ours will be a Conversation Menu.

Conversation is one of the most powerful forms of connection. There is no feeling like that of being truly heard or that light bulb moment when together you’ve tapped into a new insight about yourself or the world.

Will you be there?