A Short Story On: The Serendipity of Being a Neophile

I’d like to offer you a short story…

Along the path of life we each collect a rucksack of interpretations, experiences and perspectives.

Then one day something magical happens.

We meet another human and decide to dig into our rucksack, pulling out a piece of our inner world.

The other human looks at it curiously, pausing with consideration before pulling something out from theirs.

Some minutes pass by as you both stand there hands outstretched offering each other your piece of the world.

Finally after some looking, playing and questioning you each put back your pieces - except this time they’re slightly different.

Before turning to part ways, you look at each other and smile in the delight of experiencing real human connection and knowledge that you’ve just learnt, grown and evolved a little more.

The moral of the story?

When you take a moment to share your inner world with another human you embark on an adventure of discovery into who you are and how you see the world. Thereby making life just that bit richer.  

In National Conversation, Trigger Conversations is inviting 30 curious strangers to come and experience our much-loved Conversation Menu themed around the serendipity of neophilia - or in other words, the wonderful surprises that arise from new conversations with strangers.

Why celebrate this?

Conversations with strangers can be more than just boring responses to the same old question: so what do you do? They’re an adventure into the unknown filled with untapped discoveries, insights and opportunity.

Yet, too often we let this potential go to waste.

We choose not to talk to strangers because it’s uncool and not normal or when we do we let ourselves get stuck in small talk.

But what if we started taking risks?

Curious? Book your ticket now

Trigger Conversations on the Serendipity of Neophilia

Thursday, March 21st

6.30 - 9.30pm

Work.Life Camden, London